Roof Restoration

We are Octopus painting, a team of professionals who specalize in providing our customers with high-quality services of roof restoration and roof painting. We have a trully solid background in roof restoration. All our materials are Dulux premium which guarantees quality.
octopus roof restoration service

Any investment in your home, your roof too, is a smart move. Your roof can be moderately or completely restored. In other words, following a restoration procedure, your roof shall keep its current appearance, yet it shall be somewhat refined and improved, or your roof can be looking quite different shining like a diamond. It all depends on your ideas and desires and we shall always  do our best to help you decide what you want. Our common suggestion is to have Roof painting job done.

Please feel free to ask us anything you want to known about Roof painting. Many useful information can be downloaded straight from our web site. Octopus proessional Painting will  provide you with both accurate and useful information on the roof job as well as on all other services that follow Roof painting. You will always have a clear picture of the roof job required and will always be more than welcome to express your ideas.

If you have a roof that is covered with tiles or some other solid material, make sure to inspect it taking notes of the condition the roof is in, namely you should listi all important information such as the current condition of the roof foundations, the tiles, ties, plaid, etc.

Often it turns out it is more expensive to repair the roof than to install a new roofing. It is, therefore, always useful to consider financial aspects of our offer.  Sometimes, only a new roof can save your money and bring you piece in the sense that it puts an end to the constant old-roof repairs.

The roof is that part of the house which is constantly exposed to harsh weather. The roof protects both us, humans, and the rest of the house against the atmospheric influence 24 hours a day. It provides us with both comfort and security. Admittedly, an initially minor roof flaw can eventually lead to a much bigger, and also very expensive repair work. For instance, seemingly small leaks can cause over time extensive damages to the cladding, girders, plates, etc. It is important, therefore, that you have your roof inspected from time to time so that all minor defects may be repaired straightforwardly.

Both roof accessories and roof openinings are common soft spots to your roof, and being such both require special attention.

Please do not wait until something happens to your roof! Please contact us and have your roof inspected today! All you should do is send us your ''request for a free roof inspection''. Once this is done, we shall suggest if and how your roof should be restored.

Octopus painting is always at your service!