Roof cleaning

High pressure roof washing and cleaning are another expert service offered by Octopus Painting. Keeping up with the latest developments, we provide our customers with some high-quality services at very reasonable prices.
roof cleaning baldivis

After having their roof cleaned, our customers are thrilled by the result. It is such a positive change that a customer commonly wonders: ''Why hadn't I done it before?''

To convince a customer that high pressure roof washing and cleaning are most effective methods in dealing with the aged roofs, we have more than once first washed and cleaned only a small roof segment. Thus, for example, on one occasion we had a call from Baldivis home owner whose roof was completely covered with black algae. Although somewhat sceptical, the man wanted to have his roof cleaned. When the job on a roof segment was completed, the house owner was so positively astonished by what he saw that he most happily asked for a complete cleaning of his roof of all algae and other impurities.

In general, roof cleaning prolongs lifetime of the roof providing a significant cut on the household spendings.

Please feel free to contact us and ask for your roof-cleaning offer. The offer comes free of charge. If you have your roof cleaned, you will also have the overall appearance of your home refreshed!